Process Engineering Simplified

Popcorn Kitchen Improvements


SPEC completed 3D modeling and engineering services for a popular popcorn line, including cookers, conveyors, cooling tunnels, and utilities. SPEC also automated the plant and provided on-site support for install and construction management. 

Project Highlights:

  • Provided plans for a new plant design and layout, including equipment specifications
  • Automated, pneumatic tilting devices were connected to caramel cookers to reduce manpower
  • SPEC Construction Management team managed contractor bid reviews, contractor supervision, and on-site support
  • Supervisory PLC system allows for all manual processes to be automated
    • Transfer of all raw, formulated, and final mixed ingredients and finished product
    • Recipe creation, selection, and management
    • Batch control sequencing including flow meter dosing of ingredients and transfer for bulk ingredients
    • Complete control of all equipment using distributed I/O system
    • Integration of mixers and popcorn equipment
    • PID loop control of heaters for maintaining tank temperature
    • Alarm indication
    • HMI displays utilizing PlantPax faceplates and AOI's

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