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Process Engineering Simplified


Bulk Materials Storage

Design of effective bulk material unloading and storage systems.

Controls & Automation

Complete control systems integration and process automation including PLC, PC, and DCS.

Conveying & Transfer

Engineered solutions for bulk material conveying applications.

Drying & Evaporating

Engineered systems for material thermal processing and direct/indirect drying.

Dust Filter & Air Separation

Design and implementation of dust collection systems, filtering, and separating.


Batching, feeding, and powder dosing systems that are accurate and repeatable.

Filling & Packaging

Design of bulk bag discharging and filling systems, as well as bottling and pail filling.

Grinding & Sizing

Expert grinding systems from impact milling, air jet milling, roll grinding, and gap milling.

Screening & Classifying

Expert solutions utilizing high energy screening technology and efficient air separation systems.

Weighing & Scaling

Design and implementation of batch weighing and scaling systems.

Liquid Dosing

SPEC provides solutions for automated liquid dosing systems.

Liquid Filtering

Systems designed to ensure that your product is free from all contamination.

Liquid Filling

Liquid filling systems built by SPEC are fully customized.

Liquid Dissolvers

When you need to dissolve solids into liquids or emulsions, SPEC offers the perfect turnkey solution.

Evaporation & Heat Transfer

SPEC thermal design engineers will customize an evaporation skid for your requirements.

Pump Transfer Skids

SPEC liquid pumping transfer skids are designed to exceed industry standards.

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