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Tru-Balance 432 Box-Type Sifter Floor Mounted

These used, Tru-Balance Sifters are custom designed and built for screening any dry, free-flowing product ranging in size from 0.25 to 0.0025 inches. 

Features Include:

  • A gentle gyratory (circular) sifting action provides accurate separation and sizing of a product
  • Floor mounted, but can be attached to the ceiling
  • Dust-tight rotating housing is mounted in a sanitary tubular steel drive frame
  • The machine opens for inspection, cleaning and maintenance
  • Sieve frames are nested one on top of the other in the rotating housing, the stack is held tightly together by a clamping system
  • Each sieve frame holds a removable tray with sieve screening material 
  • The screens are attached to the frame in one or two methods: mechanical (stapled) attachment or glued-on attachment
  • Screen cleaners unplug product from the screen openings
  • Gaskets seal the sieves and trays
  • The sifter is operated by a motor mounted on the frame

Listing Price: $10,000

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