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Continuous Fondant Machine

Accomplishments: Integrate a continuous and automated fondant machine for a top candy manufacturer, producing fondant at 2400 lbs/hr. 

Project Highlights: 

  • Features a 40" diameter by 30" face all stainless steel cooling drum with machined and polished surface, internal water spray system, and insulated and stainless steel shrouded drum sides.
  • Includes a standard capacity size all stainless steel fondant beater with water jacket, sanitary out board mounted bearing supports, stainless steel beater shaft with 26 integrally welded paddle blades, vent cover, drip pan, motor shaft coupling and guard. 
  • Fondant cooker includes a stainless straight-thru tube in shell heat exchanger complete with inlet and outlet bonnets, inlet steam piping, condensate piping, pneumatic wash and drain valves and thermocouple.
  • Fully automated CIP system with various recirculation modes.
  • Exhaust hood for steam vapor ventilation of the machine. 

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