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Dry Pickle Spice Conveying & Blending System


SPEC developed a dry pickle spice conveying and blending system for a global food producer to increase production rates and lower labor input when compared to the facility's previous process. This system uses pneumatic conveying to transfer the various spices to an eight cubic foot V-blender. The V-blender mixes the spices with variable speed control and timed batches for thorough spice homogenization. Product is then directed out of the blender into totes on pallets for storage and use in the pickling facility.

Project Highlights:

    • Custom system design that meets customer's spatial requirements in a close quarters production area
    • Sectional system design for easy mobilization and installation inside the facility
    • All stainless steel wash-down rated system construction and enclosure certifications
    • Effective NEMA 4X enclosed Control Panel with push button operation and relay logic
    • Variable speed controlled mixing and timed batch cycles
    • Multiple safety interlock system using light curtains, safety scanning sensor, and magnetic switches for operator safety
    • Installation services coordinated and provided by SPEC

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