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Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) for Large Dust Collection System


  • Provided NFPA required Dust Hazard Analysis for nylon dust associated with manufacturing dental products. Installed explosion vents and isolation equipment to meet NFPA 68, 69, and 654 requirements.


Project Highlights: 

  • Installed hopper isolation "Drum Kits" eliminating the need for rotary valves and saving the project $66,000.
  • Engineered and installed suppression isolation on clean air side allowing the client to recycle air back into the plant, which also saved money on HVAC requirements.
  • Easy method to dispose dust with hydraulic drum lifts, adding ergonomic advantages.
  • System training, start-up, and documentation compliance with NFPA.
  • Turnkey installation and construction management


This project was completed with the collaboration of SPEC and XP Products

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