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XP Venting on Dust Collectors

Client: Leading Manufacturer & Distributor of High-Quality packaging materials.

Date: Completed Fall of 2015

Info: XP venting on Existing Dust Collectors.

Improving Safety for Plant and Employees

Accomplishments:  Prevents minor to massive explosions.  Simple system upkeep. Increases production by being able to re-use product in collector.

Project Highlights:

  • Retrofitted existing dust collector to be compliant with NFPA 68 and NFPA 454 to ensure a safe work environment and proper explosion venting and isolation
  • Installed Flame Quench Unit with XP Rupture Panel along with NFPA Complaint NRV Isolation Valve to contain a potential explosion and properly vent and disperse any flames
  • Included NEMA Controls Panel to properly interlock NRV Isolation Valve and process equipment such as Dust Collector Fan
  • All modifications were done on site with minimal downtown to Central Dust Collector

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