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Lab Services

SPEC's in-house test lab provides base empirical data to optimize existing applications or specify improvement of new systems. Improving your process efficiency and reducing risk is important to all operations. The most important variable is how your product and ingredients respond to equipment and environmental conditions.

SPEC's test lab includes:

  • 2000 ft2 flexible space
  • Material discharge mezzanine
  • 4″ pneumatic conveying line with 200 total linear feet
  • Ribbon & ploughshare mixers

The 4″ convey line has 200 total linear feet and can be set up for dilute or dense phase operations, vacuum or pressure pumps are used, along with full data acquisition sensors to gain empirical data that provides you with a system guarantee. SPEC addresses the unique characteristics of each material with special attention to Dust Hazard and flow requirements. Testing can be provided for bulk material properties, material dynamic properties, material explosive properties, and material chemical properties.

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